Essential DJ – Overview

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Essential DJ – Overview

Throw yourself into the art of DJing in one fully packaged   course which includes mastering the decks, sound engineering, Music and technology theory, developing your brand and marketing yourself as a DJ.

This course is ideal for students who have never touched decks before and are hoping to make a profession from their passion or simply enjoy the art. From the fundamentals of beat matching and mixing to using effects and programming extended club sets, our course is designed to accommodate all styles of music.

This comprehensive DJ program covers everything and no previous training or schooling is required.

  • Intro to Rekordbox
  • How a DJ setup works: Basic overview of turntables, CDJ, mixer, headphones, speakers & amplifiers
  • Understanding audio quality
  • The search for great music and understanding genres
  • How to count beats
  • Beat-matching “pushing and pulling”
  • How to perform a basic mix/blend
  • How to count bars
  • Common song structures in various genres
  • DJ Set Construction
  • More advanced beat-matching techniques – “the big secret”
  • Phrase mixing and the conversation between two songs
  • Advanced Mixing and Blending EQ techniques
  • Essential DJ Software for set preparation and performance
  • Cue points and Hot Cues
  • Intermediate – Advanced features of the Pioneer CDJ
  • Advanced mixing techniques, such as the “drop cut,” “stop and drop,” “power down,” and “backspin”
  • Looping and layering
  • Advanced methods of music organization
  • Tips for “reading a room,” i.e. what to play when
  • A thorough introduction to filters and EQ combination techniques
  • Introduction to Traktor Scratch Pro DJ Software
  • Harmonic Mixing in Key
  • How to record a mix
  • Incorporating live elements such as microphones and musical instruments.
  • How to use performance effects such as echo, delay, reverb, and more
  • A variety of artist development strategies, i.e. how to “build your DJ identity”
  • An introduction to the world of promoters, club owners, managers, and booking agents


Our Mixing Program is intended for students who wish to develop an individual style and it’s designed to suit any set of aspirations, whether its tearing up decks in nightclubs, bars and lounges, or delivering jaw-dropping tunes in front of a sold out crowd, our mixing program focuses on enriching the student’s arsenal of techniques and developing their unique style.

– MP 201: Introduction to Rekordbox ( 2 classes )

       The music management software for advanced preparation of music library.

– MP 202: Basics of DJING ( 5 classes)

       You’ll be taught the basics of DJing, including (Track Selection, Cue’s functions, Beat-matching, Mixing techniques, EQ’s and Mixer Functions) .

– MP 203: Beyond Beat-Maching (1 class )

     You’ll be entering the elite next stage of performance which includes (Fast Mixing, Mash-Ups, Acapellas) using the QuantizeBeat Jump/Loop Move – Slip Mode – Beat Count and Phase Meter – Beat Sync – Traffic Light.

– MP 204: FX Usage (1 class )

     You’ll be exploring the world of effects and their proper use (FX selection, time and usage)

– MP 205: Mix recording (1 class )

     You’ll be ready deliver a musical trip to be published on social media platforms